A Product wrapped in a Service.

I’m often told that our quote isn’t the cheapest and asked if we can match the price of a competitor. This happened again yesterday and I came up with the following analogy to explain why this isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

I do most of my grocery shopping at Lidl, I love it. I've been eating food for 53 years and cooking it for almost 40, I know what ingredients I need, understand the differences in quality, appreciate the varieties on offer and know what price to pay. I want to get in and out quickly. Lidl suits me perfectly.

If I only ever prepared a meal every 5 years I would go to Waitrose. I'd want to see fruit & veg laid out in front of me in a visually appealing way, I'd talk to the Butcher about what meat best suited my dish, I'd use the little wine brochure to find the best match for my meal, I'd taste the cheeses and buy a familiar and posh brand of biscuit. It's a special occasion, I might even take the free newspaper and get my bags carried to the car! Waitrose would suit me perfectly.

Because most people don't hire a marquee every month I spend a lot of time discussion options, offering solutions and helping them create the best possible venue for their individual event. For reassurance, security and just a little prestige we then deliver our service with branded vehicles and fully trained uniformed staff. Such levels of service and delivery cost money, just ask Waitrose.

I can genuinely confirm that since starting to write this post the customer in question has confirmed that they are not only Lidl fans but completely understand the difference and will be booking with funky tents!


communications evolution

The ways we communicate are changing all the time; phone, text, email, social media, face to face, it's all good stuff and we each choose which best suits us at a time or for a reason. At funky tents we're embracing this change and have adopted technologies and adapted attitudes to make our communication channels more flexible and personable.

Our customers decide how and when they want to share information with us, we respond using the same method. It makes for a more comfortable conversation which happens at a time, place and pace best suited to them. People don't plan parties and weddings between 9:00 and 5:00 Monday to Friday and they're not always logged into their email account. We realise this and have changed our processes to reflect it.

The events we deliver are often milestones, Weddings, 40ths, Christenings etc... They're important and costly occasions which our customer has probably never organised before. Recognising this we now deliver a one-to-one planning and booking service through our Regional Directors. From initial brief right through to timing of delivery, one point of contact will oversee and fulfil the entire process. Customers have the Directors direct email and phone number to allow complete communication continuity.

It's all change for the better we believe. Try us out the next time you've got something to celebrate.